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Strong Condemnation of Turkey

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Strong Condemnation of Turkey


Post by Litos » Tue Sep 18, 2018 5:40 am

Jean-Yves Le Drian
Foreign Minister

France cannot use words strong enough to condemn the backwards actions of the AK Parti regime in the past 48 hours. While Ankara has an ongoing diplomatic conflict with Berlin, we cannot believe that it has decided to attack the entire EU as a result, during a dispute where the EU's support will be vital to the resolution of this dispute in favor of Ankara. As all parties are well aware, Ankara irresponsibly decided to tear up the refugee agreement this month without compensating the EU for early termination of an agreement that was contracted to go on for years, for which the money has already been paid. Further, multiple intelligence agencies have reported that Ankara has illegally set up NGOs to move hundreds of thousands if not millions of people to the Greek and Bulgarian border in an active campaign to sabotage the security of the EU.

EU taxpayers have paid billions of dollars to house 2.5 million refugees in Turkey. This unprecedented betrayal over the actions of a single Eurozone state will go down in diplomatic history as the single most petulant and immature move by a government ever made. It is clear to us that the regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan is on its last legs and that it has set itself on a course to destroy all good will previously held for it by the European Union, and is resolutely determined to destroy regional stability. The international community will pardon the harshness of our words, but they must be said as such an act of unprovoked aggression against 26 neutral EU states is unprecedented in world history.

France has deployed a major naval task force to international waters outside the Turkish coast immediately to cease the forced, illegal movement of migrants in Turkey. Turkey's actions constitute not only an act of aggression against the entire EU, but illegal human trafficking activities where 49,000 refugees in 24 hours have been moved, many against their will, to the Greek and Bulgarian borders. Further, France stands entirely behind Greece and Bulgaria should they decide to entirely close the border with Turkey, and will propose an EU joint compensation plan should they suffer any economic repercussions for the act. Until then, in anticipation of future conflict, France has issued a travel warning to all French tourists, businessmen, and investors in Turkey, as we are certain this conflict will escalate. Further, in response to Turkish military threats against Cyprus, France has issued a comprehensive guarantee of Cyprus's territorial integrity should any military moves be made against the state, and has entered talks to create a permanent military installation on the island.

Turkey will cease all illegal human trafficking activities and assaults on the stability of the EU immediately, or these and other measures to make Turkey a pariah in the European community will continue indefinitely. The French commissioners in the EU have already proposed sweeping sanctions against the Ankara regime which has proven itself not only undemocratic and unreliable - sins that the EU has forgiven in the past - but now openly hostile and cartoonishly villainous.

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