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Round 1 Applications

A section intended for new members to post their interest in playable countries
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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by Rezim » Fri Aug 24, 2018 4:58 am

Name applicant:: Rezim

Which nation sim have you played before? Nations, NetNations, Qpawn, SPC, SPL, and more.

How did you find Nations? Jos

If referred, who is responsible for the referral? Stated above.

How will your activity be over the next few months? Daily logging in, weekly actions most likely.

List of nations you want to apply for::
1. Pakistan
2. Bosnia-Herzegovina
3. Canada

1. Pakistan is interesting. Never played it before, but there is potential for some good fun here in terms of military/intel actions and some level of nation-building, as well.

2. Bosnia was my original choice for this round, and I'm still prepared to play it, but for the purposes of the round, I put Pakistan #1.

3. Filler choice for now. Played it before. Plan would be to re-elect Trudeau in 2019 since that is most likely because Conservatives are shooting themselves in the knees irl. Continue NAFTA negotiations as necessary, etc.

If you need more actual details, I will PM them to you.

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by Redbirdfan » Fri Aug 24, 2018 6:23 am

Name applicant

Which nation sim have you played before?
Every of the Sim

How did you find Nations?

If referred, who is responsible for the referral?

How will your activity be over the next few months?
A Lot

List of nations you want to apply for::
1. United States (W/ Winisle)
2. France
3. Ukraine

Placeholder App really, working on the comprehensive one atm

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by Mogg » Fri Aug 24, 2018 8:58 am

Name applicant

Which nation sim have you played before?
This one

How did you find Nations?

If referred, who is responsible for the referral?

How will your activity be over the next few months?
Should be good

List of nations you want to apply for::
1. Russia

Will send via PM

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by Sadar » Fri Aug 24, 2018 12:06 pm

Name applicant:: Sadar

Which nation sim have you played before? Lots but I have taken a break the past couple years or so (I was Poland and Spain in previous rounds)

How did you find Nations? Cant remember, been ages now!

If referred, who is responsible for the referral? NA

How will your activity be over the next few months? I have no idea really, I would look for every other day possibly, and the choice of nations is in line with my activity expectations

List of nations you want to apply for::
1. Egypt
2. Spain
3. Turkey
4. NA
5. NA


- With Egypt there are two ways to go that I would hopefully discuss with the Mods. Under the current regime, I would like to heads towards a more Mubarak situation, with closer ties to the Western world and normalising (at least more) the democratic system. Relations with the Saudis should remain healthy, but I would possibly revisit the position on Qatar. I would need to reassess the position vis-a-vis Libya, as this link back to the relations with the West. Finally, lets make Egypt an attractive place for international investors! Achieving solid GDP growth will be a priority. The alternative is to be discussed with the Admins internally (full democracy or regime change)

- If Spain, the government in minority won't last, as such the likely outcome would be a joint government of Centre and Right. I would become more assertive with immigration and push for a stronger role of the EU in market integration and in foreign policy. I'm Spanish so I can play my country comfortably. And of course, support the EU in the negotiations with the US and retaliate if the US kicks off the trade war. Regarding the issue in Catalonia... what issue? Article 155!

- Im afraid my activity might not guarantee a Turkey dynamic enough as its needed. But I would see a Turkey with a stronger Russia - Turkey axis the way things are right now, unless the US become less Trumpians. In line with this, as ties weaken with the US I might revisit the current relationship in the field of military cooperation, which is a major risk in current politics as well. The EU would be also important as a stronger partner, so I would seek stronger ties there which will require Turkey to normalise its democracy as well. Nevertheless, I would give the economy a different direction, in line with market expectations and focus on growth AND inflation, as opposed to simply growth. No change on plans for Syria, where limiting the Kurds will remain a priority while playing left and right so that Assad remains what it currently is: a weak government.

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by Caliph » Fri Aug 24, 2018 7:40 pm

ame applicant:: Caliph

Which nation sim have you played before? SPC, SP, Qpawn, Nations, NetNations, some more I forgot (tons)

How did you find Nations? Jos emailed former SPC players way back

How will your activity be over the next few months? I've got loads of free time so I can be pretty active

List of nations you want to apply for::
1. Nigeria
2. Brazil
3. Saudi Arabia


1: Nigeria: Fighting corruption and economic growth would be my focus, as well as military reforms to increase mobility to allow me to protect my citizens, especially in the Muslim north of the country.

2: Infrastructure projects will help fuel economic development and will help Brazil reach a global trading power status.

3: Saudi Arabia: Invest in lucrative oil alternatives to maintain a good standard of living and crush the Yemen rebels. Also keep Iran in check.

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by Tacojoemeru » Sat Aug 25, 2018 5:28 am

Name applicant:: Tacojoemeru

Which nation sim have you played before?:: Several

How did you find Nations?:: Email

How will your activity be over the next few months?:: At least weekly.

List of nations you want to apply for::
1. The Philippines
2. Poland
3. Australia


1.) As The Philippines I would focus on increasing its defensive capabilities regarding the SCS. Although Duterte has made some strong remarks in regards to this area recently IRL, I probably would not go quite that far. Strengthening the ability of the nation to provide a littoral defense would be #1, and I would probably walk back some of the more anti-American sentiment that Duterte has previously spouted off, actual military-military engagement with the United States has remained consistently strong and I would do nothing to change that.

2.) As Poland I would focus on focus on increasing the survivability of the nation's armed forces to withstand Russian aggression. Specifically, I would probably increase the rate at which the country is increasing its military spending from a goal of reaching 2.5% by 2032 to at least 3.0%.

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by winisle » Sat Aug 25, 2018 6:35 am

Name applicant: Winisle
Which nation sim have you played before? Many
How did you find Nations? Been here since the start
If referred, who is responsible for the referral? See above
How will your activity be over the next few months? Daily

List of nations you want to apply for
1. United States (with RBF)
2. Sweden

US - working on a joint app
Sweden - try to work on improving the infrastructure, integration, EU

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by Litos » Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:27 pm

Name applicant:: Litos
How will your activity be over the next few months? Good, lots of free time

List of nations you want to apply for::
1. France
2. Turkey
3. Italy
4. Greece
5. Ukraine

France: Increasingly less relevant in the EU. Macron is on the way out, and the Republicans are in the way back in. As the far right will probably continue to expand with the victory of Macron, the only establishments candidate capable of winning the next election will be Sarko. Sarkozy will continue market reforms which will be controversial and result in strikes, which will result in a compromise that nevertheless yields some results. France needs to play the game of appearing to be powerful and influential in the EU. With Sarkozy in charge, this will be done by spearheading the charge against Russia and gaining the support of Eastern Europe, which Germany will be unable to do. We will also outmaneuver Berlin for votes by leading the charge for debt reconstruction. Because of coalitions, we will probably have to maintain and even expand dirigisme, but in a way which consolidates instead of nationalizing outright key industries.

2. Not for the first time, the Erdogan regime is under siege, but as always it will survive. We will raise interest rates to deal with inflation before using debt to replace FDI and cracking deals with China and Russia in lieu of the US and Western companies. However, in times of economic depression, war is often the way to distract the masses. Since our troops are already in Syria, I will engineer clashes between us and the SAA and Iran. We will continue Erdogan's policy of gradual land grabs. Align with KSA.

3. Berlusconi's coalition is in power. Consolidate and trim major industries, force mergers similar to the bancaja mergers in Spain, and engage in a policy of austerity to restore finances. Perform internal audits and re-assess government processes.

4. Tsipras is going to lose. Bring ND back to power, trim Greek social services, consolidate industries and shipping, reconstruct the tax code on simpler principles, and purge the civil service.

5. Yulia is going to win by most predictions. Coalition with the far right, sweeping economic consolidation that favors big business and oligarchs in order to gain their support, not unlike the Nazi economic policy. Mefo bill scheme to fund defense militarization with the ultimate goal of winning a decisive victory against Donetsk and Lughansk by the end of the term, and turning Russia into the Serbia of the North, a perpetual loser.

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by Wolverine » Sun Aug 26, 2018 2:32 pm

Name applicant: Wolverine

Which nation sim have you played before? Qpawn, Balance of Power

How did you find Nations? Link given to me by a friend

If referred, who is responsible for the referral? It was a telegram link from a former Qpawn when we were sharing old Qpawn stories

How will your activity be over the next few months? It will be very high.

List of nations you want to apply for::
1. United Kingdom
2. Israel
3. Qatar
4. North Korea
5. Kosovo

1. The United Kingdom is facing its biggest political moment in decade, and possibly its most seismic change since World War II- Brexit. Hurtling towards a hard Brexit, I will take Theresa May and, with her government seemingly in constant crisis, she will attempt to negotiate her way towards a soft Brexit, expending nearly all her resources on trying for two main agreements- avoidance of a hard border in Ireland, and a trade/customs agreement between the UK and the European Union. Of course, there are 27 other actors here, so there are two possible routes.

a. If those are agreed and she shepherds them through Parliament, she will be content with securing Brexit as her legacy, and resign, to let her colleagues lead Britain into the post-Brexit wilderness. A hard Brexiteer, like Boris Johnson, will rise and take control of both the Conservative Party. He will attempt to sign many free trade agreements, and most importantly, ensure Britain's relevance in the ever-changing world. While maintaining cordial relations in Europe, he will try to maintain good relations with other nations as well, especially within the Commonwealth.

b. If a deal cannot be reached, Theresa May will hurtle towards a no deal Brexit- and she will most certainly be ousted. She will, once again, be overtaken by a hard Brexiteer, but with just the stink of failure at their back, and the Tory infighting reach its peak, no government can maintain the confidence of Parliament, and an election will be called. Labour will win this election, and Jeremy Corbyn, with all his baggage, will come into power. A coalition with the resurrected Liberal Democrats, who gained lots of seats due to their opposition to a no deal Brexit, that is supported on confidence votes by the SNP, swoops into power. He will move Britain to the left, creating a socialist utopia. At the behest of the Liberal Democrats, he will hold yet another European referendum, to reverse Brexit and rejoin the European Union. He will follow the results of that referendum- a choice between EU membership and the no-deal Brexit they are facing.

2. Nethanyahu will be taken down by his corruption scandal, which will bring about the fall of his own government and, of course, an early election. The center-left Zionist Union, led by Tzipi Lvini, will soar towards victory, and as is tradition with Israeli politics, they will enter a 4 or 5 party coalition, with some confidence & supply agreements on the side with other parties as well, so that they can form a government. Lvini will look to change some of the policies of her predecessor- going back to bilateral negotiations, refraining from unilateral action, yet while strongly protecting Israeli interests. Domestically, of course, she will pursue a number of left-wing reform initiatives to reduce economic inequality within Israel.

3. Qatar, one of the world's richest nations, is still being blockaded by the Gulf Cooperation Council. At this point, they would like the blockade to end, and the GCC to be rescued. We would enter into negotiations to do just that. However, we are well aware that Saudi Arabia and the GCC may not be as compliant as necessary to end this blockade. At the same time, Qatar would be strengthening its own regional influence and do well with other allies- countries like Turkey, countries like the United States, to lessen reliance on the United States of America. We will also amp up preparations for the 2022 World Cup. Qatar will continue their support for Syrian rebels and the Muslim Brotherhood.

We would implement human rights reforms introduced in 2017, including larger protection for foreign labor, while, of course, not allowing them the right to attain citizenship. The Qatari Emirate would strengthen and diversify its own economy at home, by investing in technology in an effort to become the "Silicon Desert."

4. Kim Jong-Un will continue his own reform path of North Korea, by trying to focus on the country's economy. He believes in the deal he set with Donald Trump, and he will work to ensure that the American-Korean deal, reached in Singapore, can really take off. He will work towards the reduction of sanctions and the improvement of his own economy. While he wants to work with China, he wants to reduce his country's dependence on the People's Republic, so that "Koreans can take care of Koreans." While he work for closer relations with the RoK, he will not support any political settlement that would be deemed the end of his government.

5. Kosovo would, under my leadership, attempt to finally be widely accepted on the international stage. They would enter into negotiations with Serbia, and naturally, would pursue a peace deal that would ensure mutual recognition and a chance for Kosovo to enter many of the world's institutions. They would, of course, be willing to include a territorial exchange of North Kosovo and the Presevo Valley. If they end up getting a deal, they would pursue a number of organizations to secure their long-term future- the United Nations and the European Union, specifically. If not, however, they will continue to build their own international alliances in order to maek them more widely accepted, and pursue that recognition outside of Europe, where the issue is not so immediately potent.

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by Major » Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:53 am

Hello, i’m Major, i’ve been here (well not really here but you’ll pick up what i’m putting down) for two years and blah blah blah.

Please excuse the unsophisticated formatting, i’m on my phone.

1. The People’s Republic of Canada —

Domestic Policy- Press ahead with the legalization of marijuana. Do the typical bit, raise taxes on the rich and raise them on the poor too (because who doesn’t love tax dollars?) Continue to challenge the court case against the carbon tax levelled by certain provinces.

International Policy- Put Canada into a leading role in international affairs, with the seeming lack of interest from the Trump administration (or whoever hasn’t resigned by the time I finish writing this, approx. 7:45 EST) representing a prime opportunity for maple syrup and healthcare (and weed!) for all. Increase military spending to fast track the modernization of the CF and allow it to take on more internal and international peacekeeping and/or intervention roles. That leads into..

Military Policy- Begin to accelerate the modernization of the Canadian Forces from the lethargic, sloth like pace currently being taken. Upgrades to individual infantry equipment (uniforms, vests, helmets and personal gear) to improve morale and warfighting capability will be undertaken. A quick conclusion of the Single Class Surface Combatant program as well as procurement of approximately a half dozen new AIP equipped submarines will be front and centre for the Navy, as well as new minesweepers for the aforementioned international roles. For the Air Force, procurement of approximately 110 strike fighters will head up the multi-decade procurement project.

2. Fake China

Basically continue what’s going on in Taiwan now.

3. ‘Straya

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