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Round 1 Applications

A section intended for new members to post their interest in playable countries
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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by LordMoose » Sun Oct 28, 2018 6:50 pm

Name applicant:: Lord Moose

Which nation sim have you played before?: Here, Eregeime and B&I to name a few

How did you find Nations? Ace referred me I think

If referred, who is responsible for the referral? Ace, no longer here

How will your activity be over the next few months? IG for my nation at least daily, as well I will pick back up modding once I get it back

List of nations you want to apply for::
1- India [note this is if its open]
2- Japan

Application: India: While India has made massive progress in recent years economicly [with it about to overtake the UK in GDP] not all of this massive increase has gone towards improving the lives of the average Indian as education, health and economic well being have either stayed the same or gone down in recent years. During this game im going to focus on keeping economic growth above 6% while investing massivly into public works projects to improve the health care and overall health of the average indian, education to increase productivity of our citizens and Industrial developments to improve the economic condition and competitiveness of india on a world stage.

As well a crackdown on corruption is in order as it is currently holding back the nation, as well seeing as we spend a large amount on the military we will plan on getting involeved in more in the regional geopolitical sphere to expand our intrests and ideas.

Japan: Currently right now Japan is facing a major timebomb when it comes to the population, with more japanese citizens dying than being born. While small currently overtime this will become more of a serious issue, so its time to correct it. We will both invest into facilities that make raising a child easier [day care, hopsitals and support/learning centers along with schools] as well as cheaper large housing units in major cities to make it easier for people to afford large housing [though making it where families get first pick at these units]. Lastly if this somehow does not work to increase popoulation growth/decline to at least 0% then we can go towards the nuclear options [immigraiton].

As well economicly we need to do more to increase growth to a targeted 1% by 2025, this will be done in four difrrent parts. The first part will be relaxing of the medical/healthcare laws to allow more private care and for the markets to take over the goverments job of running most of the health industry [this should also save the goverment some money]. The second part will include investing into RnD to keep Japans advantage in high tech developments within Asia and to hopefuily get on par with the west. Thrid we whish to give our industry a shot in the arm with more investments and tax breaks to keep up with other nations in the area. Lastly we whish to develop more tourism from outside the nation, both on land and possibly in space to bring in more money for the goverment.

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by Bobithy » Sun Oct 28, 2018 6:50 pm

@LordMoose - Approved for Japan

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by Jayj » Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:44 am

Name applicant:: Jayj

Which nation sim have you played before?: Here

How did you find Nations? Former player

If referred, who is responsible for the referral?

How will your activity be over the next few months? At least daily.

List of nations you want to apply for::
1- Mexico

1. As the President of Mexico the main priorities of the administration will be the decrease and demobilization of the drug cartels as well as keeping the police in check and investigating any corruption within its ranks, the President will also be focussing on the stopping of illegal immigration into the United States however whilst retaining that Mexico will not pay a dime for the US built wall.

The economy will be revitalised with new investments being sought out so that our economy can prosper once more, the funding of education and healthcare will also be reexamined and if necessary more funding will be allocated from other parts of the budget.

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by Gcer » Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:28 pm

Name applicant:: gcer

Which nation sim have you played before? Qpawn

How did you find Nations? Googled for Qpawn and found this.

List of nations you want to apply for::
1. Argentina
I intend to reform Argentine economy by liberalizing and becoming more business friendly. The Argentine government has run successive deficits and I intend to fix that as soon as possible. Creating a budget surplus is key to stabilizing the economy and the future welfare of the Argentine people. I shall play primarily economically and focus on improving infrastructure and trade.

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by Major » Thu Nov 01, 2018 1:45 am

I'm Major, I have played a couple nation sims, I'm practically always on Telegram. Shall we move on?


1. Estonia

Given my limited available time, I can't exactly take on a massive nation. However, Estonia presents an interesting opportunity to get a feel for economic reform (given my limited experience with them) as well as some fun stuff, RE. NATO and the EU.

For one, my plan would be to work with NATO and international partners to develop the Estonian military into a lean, flexible force that can not only contribute to its own self defence, but also contribute as part of a NATO or UN battle group. Purchasing approximately two sqns. of strike fighters and a few corvettes for Baltic service would be at the forefront of this modernization.

At home, I would follow the IMF recommendations, primarily among which is increasing productivity in industry as well as reforming the land tax into a market-based property tax. More detailed plans will be prepared once I have access to a budget spreadsheet and upon further research.

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by ArticBear » Mon Nov 05, 2018 3:07 am

How did you find Nations? Steam community post.

If referred, who is responsible for the referral? (If you saw an advertisement posted on another forum, please let us know who posted it. If you returned because of an email from the board, please indicate such.)

How will your activity be over the next few months? Pretty active can log on anytime not at work.

List of nations you want to apply for::


Italy- To implement the change that the people of Italy voted for. Starting by standing up for Italian interest against the European Union such as begin a process of restoring control over the immigration process, as well as taking on the rest of the EU in terms of the migrate crisis. In Italy, an economic jumpstart is needed in order to help provide more jobs to Italians would work on a plan that would strengthen employment while also implementing tax reform and harsher punishments for tax evaders.

Hungary- Maintain the stance of Hungary for Hungarians first, by standing up to the EU against the migrant crisis. Hungary is a unique position with how close it is to the east and west. So Hungary would begin to look eastward to work with more like-minded nations such as Serbia, and Russia in the spirit of economic corporation. As well, as using its influence on smaller neighbors to adopt more protectionist policies for Europe.

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by Athanasius » Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:42 pm

Name applicant:: Athanasius

Which nation sim have you played before? Nations, SP:C, Qpawn, IntPol, etc.

How did you find Nations? I was talking with some old friends about the old days, and they told me that there was still one of these going on.

How will your activity be over the next few months? 5-10 hours/week

List of nations you want to apply for::
1. Austria
2. Hungary
3. Iran
4. Pakistan
5. Italy


Ideally, I would play one of the three "rogue" EU countries which are currently not being played: namely, Austria, Hungary, or Italy. As these countries, my primary task and goal would be to prevent a migrant crisis from occurring within our borders, increasing the native birth rate, and undertaking efforts to stabilize the country. In each, there would be some different particular goals, but the three of them would share these three goals overall.

In Iran, the goal would be to cement the country as the regional power. I would attempt to slowly liberalize the economy and the law in order to allow for greater investment, research, and advancement. I would continue to invest in the military, but would also look to education and scientific research to advance the cause of the Persian people.

In Pakistan, I would seek to keep the Islamists happy while investing in programmes to improve rural life and increase the standard of living across the board. I would seek to stop the "brain drain" going on to the United Kingdom and I would invest heavily in police and security services to maintain order across the country.

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by Dread-n-o-u-g-h-t- » Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:13 pm

Name applicant:: Dread-n-o-u-g-h-t-

Which nation sim have you played before? Several, including Politics & War

How did you find Nations? ( I was looking for a different political simulator game and found this on the list of them that wikipedia has.


How will your activity be over the next few months? My activity will be decent, From every day with exceptions to a couple of times a week.

List of nations you want to apply for:: (not necessarily in order of preference)
1. Mexico
2. Taiwan
3. Venezuela
4. Kurdish Regional Government
5. Colombia

MEXICO: Reduce number of drug cartels. Stop illegal immigration into the USA. Not pay for the US-Mexico border wall. Try to maintain good relations with neighbors otherwise.
TAIWAN: gaining international recognition as a country. increase influence In china. secure rights for non-communist Chinese
VENEZUELA: Improve economy of Venezuela. Improve foreign relations of Venezuela --> so that sanctions can be taken off it. Get land that Venezuela has claimed, that other countries refuse to give.
KURDISH REGIONAL GOVERNMENT: trying to establish a 'Kurdistan' will be a priority, along with securing rights for Kurdish people along the way,
COLOMBIA:Make better the foreign relations of Colombia. Crack down on drug cartels, and also crack down on corruption in the police. Terrorism will also be fought.

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Re: Round 1 Applications


Post by OperationSeabird » Fri Nov 30, 2018 8:04 am

Name applicant:: OperationSeabird

Which nation sim have you played before?: NationStates, Politics and War

How did you find Nations? Searching for modern war


List of nations you want to apply for::
1- Philippines
2- Thailand



Bring back the glorious era of the Philippines. Improve the economy, military, and etc.


Dominate Indochina ecnomically and militarily.

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